Small Victories are Awesome

Hey there, it must be Saturday!!


I hope you had a fantastic and profitable week. Thanks for dropping by 🙂


Frustration, Exasperation, Helplessness….sometimes all 3 at once!!


These are just some of the emotions that can define Internet Marketing.

Whether you are just starting out or have found yourself in a rut, we all have those days of feeling overwhelmed

The “land of get rich quick” does not exist, and our success falls solely in our efforts and commitment to our business.


Fear not though, success is certainly there and ready to be conquered!


Setting Goals, being Motivated and having Patience (aka My 2018 Word of the Year :), will without doubt lead us to victory.


There are many tools and teachers  out there to aide us in achieving your Success.


I found the perfect tool to get my “MOJO” going  +1 Success


This simple to follow daily plan was key to putting my focus back to the where it belonged…Action Steps to help My Business.


Do yourself a favor and get your MOJO going here =>


Thanks for reading, and as always .. Take tine to smell the advertising, there is a lot of great things growing out there.


To Your 4K Success


Kevin Gerber

4K Success


P.S.S.  Please feel free to send me one of your motivation tools or tips, I would love to check them out.   Not giving up on this sharing thing 🙂


If you dip it in chocolate, it tastes totally different

Hey there, it must be Saturday!!

I hope you had a fantastic and profitable week 🙂

Traffic Exchanges vs Mailers, the Great Debate

Both of these platforms are very effective ways to promote Your Business.

I have taken the approach to utilize what I see as the strength of each one.

Traffic Exchanges move pretty quick nowadays, so I use them primarily for gaining referrals with my Affiliate Funnel Money Page.     Check it out  here

This page allows me to promote my current money making sites in a Traffic Exchange friendly splash page, that also promotes my Brand…me. It works like a charm!

If you haven’t joined Affiliate Funnel yet, why not sign up today, and put your own Money Page into action.

Now when it comes to Mailers, in my opinion, they are the best and easiest way to build your lists.

Mailers give us a little more time to capture attention, create interest and invoke action for Your Business

I love to create and use my own Lead Capture pages to use in Mailers. They are way more effective and attention grabbing then generic pages.

AdKreator is a fantastic resource for creating professional lead capture pages.

With a simple drag and drop format, you can create a custom, attention grabbing page in minutes.


So, by taking a unique approach and using Traffic Exchanges and Mailers to their strengths ( my opinion only  lol ) you will see more success today then you did yesterday 🙂


Thanks for listening, and don’t forget to take time and smell the advertising.


To your 4K Success

Kevin Gerber

4K Success



P.S.  For those who are wondering, my site sharing trial from last week was a dismal failure 🙁

BUT…in keeping with my new sharing/interactive approach, if anyone wants to share their favorite Traffic Exchange or Mailer, I will share the info  here on Wednesday evening.


Does anyone really notice?

Hey there, Happy Saturday!!

I hope everyone had a great and profitable week 🙂

Click-Credit, Click-Credit, Click-Credit….

Does that sound familiar? It sure did to me.

Nearing the end of 2017, I realized that I was simply clicking for credits, buying credits or upgrading to get more credits. I had lost the true essence of exchange marketing. Advertising our Business

I wasn’t really focused on the page or email on my screen. it was Click-Credit and move on.

Now I’m not accusing everyone of being as “unobservant” as I had become, but it does seem the focus of Traffic Exchanges and Mailers has shifted from looking at other Marketers ads, to gaining credits, prizes, or pennies.

So to start out this year I have challenged myself to have more PATIENCE (my 2018 Word of the Year) and take notice of the ads going across my screen.

Let me tell you, there are a lot of good programs and opportunities out there!

I joined quite a few, and have been pleasantly surprised at the some of the profits. ( some LOL).

So, that is my challenge to you. Take a little extra time this week and visit some of those ads on your screen, join a few that peak your interest, you never know what you might find.

It’s a Win Win for all of us.

For my part…Please feel free to send me a link for your business. I will take a look at all of them.

I will pick 1 to share here next week

I think it would be fun to have a Weekly Feature to spice up 2018!!

Don’t forget to Stop and Smell the Advertising this week 🙂

See you all next Saturday!!

To Your 4K Success

Kevin Gerber

4K Success


P.S.  See what sites are currently making me the most money.

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For last week’s post

It’s time to answer the Bell

The School Bell that is

Happy New Year!!

2018 has started, and the advertising campaigns are off to a torrid pace.
As the flurry of ads drift across my screen, i realize that many of them look the same, and very few are standing out and grabbing my attention.

Nowadays we all have access to great tools for list building, page design, auto responders and “money making” offers. BUT very few marketers seem to be applying any thought into turning that viewer into a subscriber.

I personally have found a difference maker that gives me an advantage over the competition.

For the low price of $0.00 I can show you a Faster, Smarter & Better way of advertising online.

New to Experienced marketers will benefit from the systems, formulas and the odd trick offered here.

So grab a chair and start the New Year off with a BANG.

To your 4K Success

Kevin Gerber
4K Success

P.S. Thanks to everyone who shared their “2018 Word of the Year” they were fun to read
My 2018 Word of the Year is PATIENCE. Please feel free to share yours with me. 🙂