We did have the Magic Formula…

Remember when we were younger and we wanted to accomplish something, we were going to do it!!
Ride our bikes with no hands, pop a wheelie, do a back flip off the diving board, there was always something we were working on.
We would try, try, try, and try some more. If it took us all summer, we were going to ride that bike with no hands.
Our determination, patience and commitment almost always got us the results we wanted.
I think we were defining our formula for success.
I was reminded this week that “slow and steady” is at the foundation to successfully building our business. That the quick and easy way rarely pans out, and we never wake up the next day rich
Our path to success is paved by our old friends determination, patience and commitment.

All we need to do is ….

Keep promoting our business a bit more today than we did yesterday
Keep building and forming our list.
Keep tracking and focusing to get the most out of our advertising.
Keep engaged, and communicate with our list.

Hey, was that 4 K’s?, anyways 🙂

It really is that simple, we just need to trust it

Slow and steady wins the race…..the Magic Formula of our youth.

To your 4K Success

Kevin Gerber
4K Success

P.S. Don’t forget to focus on promoting Your Business, this is how I promote mine