2018 Word of the Year

Hello Again

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves as the Holiday Season reaches the finale.

With that comes the excitement of the New Year, and our resolve to better ourselves through goals or benchmarks.

This year there is a challenge out there to define our “resolutions” with one word. 

My one word for 2018 will be  PATIENCE

In today’s world of “NOW” and “HURRY UP” I believe we have lost our passion for learning.
We don’t seem to take our time to learn from each other or from our mistakes.
It’s instant gratification or nothing, patience has left the building. LOL
So this year my goal, in my personal life and my IM ventures, is to take it slow, learn as much as I can from others and attempt new things. (like blogging 🙂 )

Have fun defining your “WORD” and let me know what it is. I would love to hear about it.

Happy New Year to All and all the Best in 2018 !!

P.S. My Home Business PATIENCE will be a 1-2 punch 🙂