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Hey there, it must be Saturday!!

I hope you had a fantastic and profitable week 🙂

Traffic Exchanges vs Mailers, the Great Debate

Both of these platforms are very effective ways to promote Your Business.

I have taken the approach to utilize what I see as the strength of each one.

Traffic Exchanges move pretty quick nowadays, so I use them primarily for gaining referrals with my Affiliate Funnel Money Page.     Check it out  here

This page allows me to promote my current money making sites in a Traffic Exchange friendly splash page, that also promotes my Brand…me. It works like a charm!

If you haven’t joined Affiliate Funnel yet, why not sign up today, and put your own Money Page into action.

Now when it comes to Mailers, in my opinion, they are the best and easiest way to build your lists.

Mailers give us a little more time to capture attention, create interest and invoke action for Your Business

I love to create and use my own Lead Capture pages to use in Mailers. They are way more effective and attention grabbing then generic pages.

AdKreator is a fantastic resource for creating professional lead capture pages.

With a simple drag and drop format, you can create a custom, attention grabbing page in minutes.


So, by taking a unique approach and using Traffic Exchanges and Mailers to their strengths ( my opinion only  lol ) you will see more success today then you did yesterday 🙂


Thanks for listening, and don’t forget to take time and smell the advertising.


To your 4K Success

Kevin Gerber

4K Success




P.S.  For those who are wondering, my site sharing trial from last week was a dismal failure 🙁

BUT…in keeping with my new sharing/interactive approach, if anyone wants to share their favorite Traffic Exchange or Mailer, I will share the info  here on Wednesday evening.