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Affiliate Marketing is great way to start your own online business and create a real liveable income, but that can only happen when you do certain things right.

Money management, or “The Budget” is one of the biggest factors, and the one we seem to get wrong right out of the gate.
Chasing the $47-$97 get rich quick programs rarely, If ever, works and can bankrupt your dream before it even started.
Believe me, I found that out, but when I started putting my money towards the tools that actually benefited my business, things started coming together.

Creating a workable budget that suits your needs will build a strong foundation towards your success.

I found that concentrating on the “Big Four” made it easy to see where my money was being spent, and that it was achieving the results I needed for my business.

TRAFFIC – every online business starts with being seen
TRACKING – knowing what is working and where my ads are working is essential
LIST BUILDING – building a list, and communicating with your list is at the core of your success
CREATIVITY – creating unique and exciting ads for your business makes you stand out from the crowd

Focusing your starting budget on these 4 areas will generate profits that you can then put towards other profit building tools, as your business grows and succeeds.
This is known as stacking, and that is where the fun really begins!!

This free download will guide you through starting, setting up and managing a solid budget that will work for you.
It is what I used and still reference often.

Thanks for your reading today, and as always .. Take time to smell the advertising, there is a lot of great things growing out there.

To Your 4K Success

Kevin Gerber
4K Success

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P.S.S As always. I encourage sharing thoughts and ideas, So if you have any tricks, secrets or programs regarding money management please feel free to share. I will certainly pass them along.

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